Welcome to CHMI, A Church Filled with Love

In a world of hurting and wounded people, Compassionate Healing chooses to be a beacon of light and hope! Please visit our events page for upcoming events.

CHMI, where you'll find compassion and truth, peace and healing, all in the name of Jesus!

Lifting Up Jesus

In a time of uncertainty, many people are searching for an answer for their problems. People are seeking love. They are seeking joy. They want peace in their lives. However, none of this can be found in the idols of this time. Money can't buy love and certainly won't make you happy. Neither can a spouse do this for you. The love, the peace, the joy and the security we all seek can only be found and maintained in Jesus Christ. He is the answer to the problems of the world. At the foot of the cross, you can end the old life of worry and doubt and accept a new life of righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost. CHMI lifts up Jesus so that all men will be drawn unto Him.

Victorious Beginnings

CHMI began on the inside of a county jail with 30 hardened men. Today, we have partners all over the United States and friends in India. So, how did this happen? Click here to read the story!