Various Ministries

CHMI has a multitude of ministries to minister to the whole man. See what you need, or where you'd fit.


Circle of Trust Men’s Ministry- organized to promote integrity and leadership in the men of today, whether employer or employee, married or single, father or no; to provide a sanctuary of confidentiality to deal with any personal struggles and issues; to educate men in the plan of God for their lives 

W.I.S.E. Women’s Ministry- organized to help women find their purpose, fulfill their destiny, and overcome prejudice in ministry; to promote virtue and value in women of this era; to educate women in the plan of God and increase their participation in building the kingdom of God

Generation Next Youth Ministry- organized to increase awareness of God and His Word in the young people; to provide ministry on their level that they may understand their value in building the kingdom of God; to deal with the issues of daily life for the youth

Education Committee- organized to provide accurate educational materials for all members of this ministry; to educate each member of how to read and study their bibles; teach revelatory knowledge of God and increase the ability to discern the times according to the written Word of prophecy; to ensure quality in all educational materials purchased, created, or otherwise introduced into the body

Hospitality Committee- organized in love to promote love between members and with visitors; to show the love of Christ in any given situation by the hand of a person; to provide relief for bereaved families, new members, those without transportation, and those without food or clothing; to grant relief to the pastor

Event Planning Committee- organized to help ease the burden of planning and preparing for conferences, revivals, crusades, and camp meetings; to ensure revivals, conferences, etc. are planned frequently throughout the year for the edification of the members