Pastors Lensey and Lacresha Hayes

Compassionate Healing Ministries International, Inc. was founded by Senior Pastor, Lensey C. Hayes and his lovely wife, Pastor Lacresha N. Hayes. Together the couple has built what is to be one of the most glorious ministries of this century. 

Pastor Lensey is our great visionary, one with the dedication and determination to start a project and stick with it until the finish. Though Pastor Lensey grew up in church, it was not until the year 2000 that he surrendered his life fully to Christ. Since that time, he has served in every conceivable area of ministry, from outreach director, event coordinator, youth pastor to assistant pastor. Pastor Lensey is also the founder of a gospel rap group, S.B.T. (Saved By Truth). Because he began ministry at such an early age, children are able to relate to him as well as adults. He has the unique ability to minister on any level, to anyone anytime.
Pastor Lacresha our exquisite and illustrious first lady and co-pastor, was saved in January 2001. She knew she was called to ministry from the age of 9 years old, though she did not step into her calling until years later. She has served in every position from pastor to protocol director and youth pastor. She has an excellent eye for detail and is the heart of our administration in this ministry. She is also a gifted writer, being the author of numerous books and more to come. She is the founder of Vitality Christian Alliance. She is the founder and VP of Christian Consulting Company and Living Waters Publishing Company. She is a woman of many talents and none of them are buried.

Our pastors are both published authors, and wrote the bestselling book Truth and Intimacy: A Couple's Journal together.
We are blessed here at Compassionate Healing. We have pastors who love God and love us with the heart of God. They have relationship with Him that shows in their relationship with each other and with everyone else. Both of our pastors have a prophetic anointing. Pastor Lensey teaches from a prophetic point of view. He is a dynamic teacher on the value of healing the family unit. His passion involves seeing true deliverance in the lives of the saints of God. Victory and prosperity begins inside each individual person. Healing the whole man prepares him to prosper and experience victory in every aspect of life. Pastor Lacresha has the oracles of God flowing from her belly. She has a passion for supplying women with the necessities of life so they may find completion in Christ.
Our pastors have the heart of God in that they, like their Father, seek for those who are weak, hurting, lost and alone. There is no respect of persons in this body, as our pastors know from experience that God isn’t moved by our outer man, but by our hearts.

Pastors Lensey and Lacresha Hayes are great leaders, easy to follow and to love. Between the two of them, everything a ministry needs is supplied.